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Barcelona Moon Team will carry a commemorative plaque to the Moon in tribute to Neil Amstrong. News, News (eng)

Neil Armstrong en 1969. Créditos: Edwin E. Aldrin, Jr/NASAWhat a sad news we got at the end of the summer break, when we learned that Neil Armstrong passed away. It died the man and his small daily step, but his giant leap and his figure, already as a symbol of an era, will last forever.

We all share the enthusiasm that he and all the Apollo astronauts inspired to generations of dreamers, which afterwards turned to be engineers, scientists, or space entrepreneurs, working to bring the frontiers beyond.

We at the Barcelona Moon Team, deeply feel in debt with him and his fellow astronauts Aldrin and Collins on that mission that changed our lives, even to some of us not yet born.

As a tribute to him and to all the moonwalkers, the Barcelona Moon Team, commits itself to carry a commemorative plaque about that historical moment, with our team’s robotic mission to the moon.

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