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Barcelona Moon Team congratulates Felix Blaumgartner, Red Bull Stratos…and Bloon. News, News (eng)

Barcelona Moon Team congratulates Felix Blaumgartner and all the Red Bull Stratos team that amazed all of us last week. On Sunday 14th October, Felix Baumgartner jumped out of a balloon 39 kilometers above the planet, breaking the speed of sound and a few world records: the highest balloon flight, the highest dive jump, being the first human to break the speed of sound without mechanical means. It was an impressive feat, pushing the human body to new limits and showing what people are capable of achieving.

As you all know one of the advisors during the Red Bull Stratos project was Joe Kittinger, a retired colonel in the USAF who held the previous record of altitude dive and still keeps the record for the longest free fall jump, 4 minutes and 36 seconds!

What you probably do not know is that someone else attended the jump: a friend of the Barcelona Moon Team, Jose Mariano Lopez Urdiales, a Spanish aeronautical engineer and entrepreneur who is responsible for an amazing project named Bloon.

Developed by Lopez Urdiales’ Zero2Infinity, Bloon is a Spanish near-space tourism experience that will offer a 36 kilometers altitude flight on an helium balloon with (obviously) a pressurized capsule to discover the curvature of the Earth and the blackness of the sky… without jumping!

Get more information of the Bloon project at:

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