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Barcelona Moon Team and GMV staff. News, News (eng)

Please meet some of the GMV staff involved in the Barcelona Moon Team. GMV is the technical leader of the lunar mission. They perform all the mission analysis to define the mission and the mission architecture. GMV also develops all the GNC of the lander spacecraft during the trans lunar trajectory and during descent and landing.

Pablo Colmenarejo is an aeronautical engineer leading the GNC division in GMV space system area. He is the main technical responsible of the mission.

Diego Escorial is a system engineer of GMV. He works in the mission and mission architecture definition.

Marco Mammarella is responsible of the GNC subsystem responsible for the lunar mission. The GNC of this mission is one of the critical points and uses a very interesting GMV expertise for image reconnaissance navigation.

Andrea Pellacani is a GNC engineer working in GMV. He is working in the development, implementation and testing of the algorithms for the GNC of the lunar landing.

GMV is a Madrid based company with an international presence. Founded in 1984, GMV mainly operates in nine large sectors for both public and private organisations: Aeronautics, Space, Defense, Health, Security, Transportation, Telecommunications and Information Technologies.

About 550 of its more than 1.000 employees actually work in the space area with capabilities in system engineering, software development and turn-key systems integration, in the areas of global navigation satellite systems and applications, flight dynamics, satellite control centers, mission analysis, mission planning and scheduling, payload data segments, science operations centers, user segments and space segment, satellite communications, simulation, systems engineering and GNC, and on-board and embedded software.

Today you will meet Pablo Colmenarejo

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