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Barcelona Moon Team and Galactic Suite Surface Operations staff. News, News (eng)

Meet Carlos García, Galactic Suite Surface Operations’ manager, and responsible of the BMT lunar rover. Carlos is an industrial engineer by the Technical University of Catalonia, specialized in mechanical engineering. Carlos has long experience in systems integration, industrial automation and management. He worked in the automobile sector with automated guided vehicles, automobile security systems, manufacturing planning and control, etc.

The BMT rover is designed by GSSO and INTA who collaborates in many of the subsystems including power, onboard data handling, guidance and navigation control, and with the integration and tests in their facilities besides Madrid.

Galactic Suite Surface Operations is a filial company of Galactic Suite Group, developing the lunar operations for a first lunar mission under the Barcelona Moon Team to the Lunar Equator, within 30º latitude north or south, and with a low-cost philosophy. Later missions destinations will be set by the customer needs reaching other inclinations, including the poles.

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