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Barcelona Moon Team prizes children program in Catalan Broadcasting Company. News, News (eng), News (esp)

Barcelona Moon Team prizes a TV channel for children in the Catalan Broadcasting Company. The channel is called Club Super3 and it is the most successful children channel not just in the Catalan, but the whole Spanish broadcasting companies. Their fan club gathers more than 1,1 million fans that regularly follow their programs and get involved in the shows and actions they program.

This summer, Club Super 3 launches the program “SuperNaus” (Super SpaceCrafts), which challenge children to build their rockets and spacecrafts to go to the Moon. Children will build them in teams and send the pictures to the TV to choose the most amazing designs.

Thanks to Barcelona Moon Team the winners will have a very special prize: a fully paid trip to Madrid to visit the facilities where the BMT lander is being built and tested. The chosen date is September 10th and about 20 people will do the visit which exact program will be unveiled soon!

Furthermore, BMT will attend the annual “Festa dels Supers”, an open air show that every year gathers more than 300.000 children and parents in a music and multi-activities festival in late October in Barcelona. In that festival, the Super Space Craft will start their trip to the Moon along with the BMT lander and rover modules also attending!

Here you have the promotional clip!

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