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Barcelona Moon Team collaborates with the National Broadcasting company. News, News (eng)

The first cartoon produced in cooperation with the Barcelona Moon Team was broadcasted during October on the National Television of Catalonia for the popular children program “Una mà de contes”.

Barcelona Moon Team participated in the realization of this cartoon, which explains the dream of a child who wants to go to the Moon.

In the launch sequence, the countdown is featured, as a tribute to Fritz Lang’s movie “Frau im Mond” which anticipated the real rocket launch run.

The rocket staging was also introduced in a quite realistic approach of the rocket launch that brings the child to the Moon. There he meets the Barcelona Moon Team rover commanded by a strange lunar inhabitant, named Selena!.

The program “Una mà de contes” is directed by Manuel Barrios and it is very popular within the youngest children and widely used in the Catalan primary schools due to its interactive website where children can draw and edit their own cartoons.


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