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Barcelona Moon Team attends the GLXP Team Summit – Part Two. News, News (eng)

On the second day of the Team Summit, held in Santiago de Chile, the teams were updating on their status and activities. All teams except three attended the Summit.

The technical approach of each team is very diverse. While some of the teams are “just” developing a small rover to be boarded to another team’s lander, other teams are facing the amazing challenge of building their own launcher.

Teams presentation is not always very useful to see what are the actual technical progresses of the teams: while some explain technical details of their missions, other explain their social strategies, their general status…

In any case after the session, the atmosphere is really nice between all of them. That night the teams went to a very special restaurant with maritime decoration… however, as we couldn’t do footage in there you will see some more typical Chilean dancing with very special audience members entering the dance! Don’t miss the last part of it!! Who do you recognize??

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