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Barcelona Moon Team attends the GLXP Team Summit – Part Three. News, News (eng), News (esp)

Just after the Team Summit, BMT representative, Marc Zaballa, visited the Sweedish Control Center SCC in Santiago of Chile, where Fernando and Christian presented the center and its capabilities.

BMT will use their facilities for tracking and communications just after the launch of the LM2C-CTS2 from Xichang (China). China is operating two antennas from SCC Chile, from which the team will receive telemetry for the final position after the burn of its CTS2 upper stage solid motor. At this point some commands will be sent back to the lander module to use its own liquid rocket to correct its trajectory in the first minutes after separation.

SSC Chile has more than 50 years of experience in the field of TT&C support, starting with NASA in 1958. It provides Platform and Data Services for the execution of telemetry, tracking and command (TT&C) functions. Current clients include, among others: NASA, ESA, JAXA, CLTC, Telespazio, SSTL, as well as other national space agencies and commercial companies.

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