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Barcelona Moon Team and SPAII space education activities. News, News (eng)

Since 2010 Barcelona Moon Team supports and assists aerospace education and outreach activities developed in Barcelona and its region, Catalonia.

Spaii Edutainment – SPAII is one organization strongly related with the BMT, with members of both organizations cooperating for the dissemination of science and technology in space within the Catalan society.

SPAII is based in Barcelona and brings space to children and their parents by organizing a space camp in the summer, along with workshops, talks, cinema and events around education and entertainment in aerospace through the year.

During the Space Camp for instance, children are “trained” to be astronauts, thus doing a selection process with some physical tests before learning about the physics behind a rocket launch, building and launching their own water rocket. Once in orbit they will learn how astronauts live and work in space and the different needs for a space habitat or a Lunar or Martian base, which they will build afterwards. The return to Earth is not easy for they need to survive the atmosphere reentry and the impact of the space craft to Earth, which they will simulate with the astronaut-egg exercise from a three floor storey building drop.

SPAII also cooperates with BMT to disseminate the Barcelona Moon Team participation at the Google Lunar X PRIZE with talks and workshops based on the team’s robotic mission to the Moon in 2014.

Outreach is one of the key objectives of the Barcelona Moon Team to significantly contribute with education of STEM within the Catalan and Spanish children.
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