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Barcelona Moon Team and GS Easy Space: 40kg on the Moon at 54MEur. News, News (eng)

Barcelona_Moon_TeamBarcelona Moon Team is a challenging mission to land a space craft on the Moon and deploy a robotic rover to complete the goals of the Google Lunar X PRIZE competition and, eventually, win it. But this will not be the end of the road of the team involved; actually it will be just the beginning.

Indeed, the BMT is a demonstration mission. Recently, it has just been established a new company, Galactic Suite Easy Space, which will promote future commercial trips to the Moon, first as a transportation company, then to exploit the lunar resources.

The new company will benefit from the strategic relationship to China Great Wall Industry Corporation to have regular and reliable launches to LTO onboard the LM2C. With its Spanish partners, the company will build recurrent technologies for a highly precise lander that will land up to 40kg of payload under its main platform.

The company already started to promote this service with a unbeatable price of 54 millions of Euros per mission, or 1,35 million of Euros per kilogram up to 40 kilograms.


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