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Moon 2.0 Con la llegada del hombre a la Luna hace 40 años terminaba la era inicial en la exploración espacial marcada por el enfrentamiento entre EEUU y la URSS en el marco de la guerra fría. 500 millones de personas en todo el mundo vieron en directo el evento, la mayor audiencia televisiva para […]… + More



The team is currently developing the mission analysis to detail all the aspects of the flight. It will start as (1) a primary payload of a comercial rocket, e.g.Falcon 9, although we are studying alternatives including teaming up with other GLXP competitors. Depending of the final choice, the launcher will position the Crui… + More

Meeting BMT with Ernest Companys (Technotrends)

Mr. Companys from the company Technotrends, leader in videoconferencing technology, received the team today. Tecnotrends will collaborate with the team to achieve close communications among the different parties invovled in the BMT project.… + More



The Rover Module (RM) architecture will be developed around its objective as a scientific and commercial cargo platform and it is defined by its main systems. The mobility syste… + More



SELENA (acronym for Sustainable Experiment on Lunar Exploitation using a Nanotechnology Approach) is an experiment to demonstrate in situ the presence of lunar volatiles and/or demonstrate the feasibility of extracting oxygen from the lunar regolith; it intends to use the principles of thermogravimetric (TG) analysis to col… + More