Foundation for Space and Lunar Exploration (FEEL)

The Foundation for Space and Lunar Exploration (FEEL) is a private non-profit organization created to support the technological and industrial development in the Catalan and Spanish aerospace sector in Catalonia and the rest of the State.

Through its Plans and Programs, the FEEL provides technological, scientific, legal, cultural, and educational services, such as:

  • Support to the participation of multidisciplinary teams in the GLXP competition and promotion, development and construction of the technologies needed to compete for the prize.
  • Promotion of the development of infrastructure benefiting the human being in space, research and exploration of its habitability.
  • Promotion of the technology transfer from the aerospace industry to other industrial sectors.
  • Promotion of a widening involvement of private enterprise in spatial activities.
  • Promotion of the development of specific legislation on space with the definition of a specific authority to be responsible for the organization of space activities both public and private.
  • Promotion of the organization and production of exhibitions, meetings, conferences, seminars as well as graphic and audiovisual material related to the objectives and areas of the CL, for its presentation and disclosure in society.
  • Public promotion of GLXP in all facets of the competition: technical, educational and social

Galactic Suite (GS)

Galactic Suite is a Barcelona-based company, established in 2007, which creates opportunities around technology and people with proposals relating to private access to space. The company caresses the project of an orbital hotel “Galactic Suite Space Resort” and the creation of a global concept of space tourism with a value chain that also includes land for housing facilities, training and the entertainment of space tourists, families and occasional visitors.

The company conducts research for the construction of infrastructures for humans in environments limted in height, above and below the Earth’s surface.

Airspace Research and Technology Centre (CTAE) 

The Airspace Research and Technology Centre is a private non-profit organization based in Vilamoura (Barcelona), which provides technological services to the local aerospace sector, while participating in national and European research programs such as Galileo, etc.

CTAE offers R&D in technologies for the aerospace industry in Catalonia, to improve its competitiveness and the promotion of innovation. CTAE’s main activity is R&D in aerospace technologies for the promotion of international cooperation between companies and research institutions such as universities and research centres, technology transfer to and from other sectors and the promotion of a business incubator to foster new aerospace business initiatives.

Altran Technologies 

Altran Technologies is a multinational consulting company for technology and innovation, with over 17,000 consultants worldwide. It has participated in many of the most important European space projects such as Ariane 5, ISS, the ATV transport module, large communications satellites and the main scientific projects such as the Mars and Venus Express, the space telescope Herschel-Planck or SMOS-LOOK.

Altran Group is a strategic partner of EADS for the development of engineering and R&D+i for their products. Within the Altran Group, its Spanish subsidiary is especially relevant with about 2000 consultants and a large role in the space sector.

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) 

The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya is a public institution of higher education and research, specialized in the fields of architecture and engineering sciences and involved in technology development. The UPC develops outstanding research, and thanks to its high level of technology transfer to society, it generates knowledge, research, innovation and technological development.

In order to assist the project, a chair has been created with special participation of two departments:

The Engineering Department of Automatic Control and Industrial Informatics (ESAII) of the UPC conducts both basic and applied research in robotics, biomedical signals and systems, advanced control systems and computer vision. In the field of robotics, it has extensive experience in the integration of sensors and sensing systems for the development of control strategies and more efficient, smarter and more reliable applications, either in the field of industrial robotics, medical robotics and underwater robotics. In the field of computer vision, the department specializes in the study and development of algorithms dedicated to real time image processing for specific industrial applications and the development of visual perception.

The Research Centre in Nanoengineering (Crne) is dedicated to research, development and innovation in the fields of micro and nano-engineering, nanotechnology and nanoscience. Its research topics include: handling and dynamics of nanoparticles in electronic, communication and sensors, mechanical, electrical and electronic nanodevices, nanostructures and biological systems, multiscale analysis of coupled processes: complex systems analysis and nano-scale surface reactivity, simulation and modeling of nanoscale systems and nanostructures materials, fabrication, characterization and applications of micro and nanolayers and coatings.

The Applied Mathematics department mainly focuses its research on control systems theory, the cohomology of algebraic varieties, partial differential equations and dynamical systems, including the problems of celestial mechanics.


XaRTAP (Managing entity - Fundació CIM)

XaRTAP is the Catalan Reference Network on Advance Production Techniques; which joins more than 200 researchers in the fields of manufacturing and production. The mission of XaRTAP is to foster RDI activities related to the Beyond the State of the Art prototyping. The managing structure assists the researchers and fills the gap between Industry and Academia. XaRTAP, created in 1994 as a Programme by the Direcció General de Recerca of the Generalitat the Catalunya, it is a significant production research body and has a long track in the preparation, participation and management of competitive processes and peer-review assessments.

The managing entity of the XaRTAP network is Fundació CIM, a Technological Centre aiming at increasing the Competitiveness and the Innovation in Manufacturing and it is based in the Technological Park of Barcelona. In the context of Barcelona Moon Team, Fundació CIM-XaRTAP brings its renown experience and strong links in both public and private sectors in order to contribute for a successful development of the Calls for Ideas, Calls for Proposals and the all the envisaged competitive processes.

Stardust Consulting 

Stardust Consulting is a legal consulting company specialized in space law. It advises companies and public institutions, on many issues related to space, including space tourism. It is a member of the International Institute of Space Law (IISL) and the European Centre for Space Law (ECSL) of the ESA. Its activity is aimed at developing a Spanish regulation for the space sector because, unlike other countries, Spain does not have an Act regulating Spatial activities and encouraging their access to the private sector.

New Output (NOP) 

New Output is a marketing consultant, initially responsible for managing the project’s finance and marketing.

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И сейчас, когда они оказались рядом, видно было, что они "Очень опасная персона" похожи друг на друга, как две капли воды.

И тот, кто отклонил вызов, пусть лучше не показывается на глаза любимой девушке.

Он невольно рассмеялся над одним параграфом, согласно которому при приготовлении солдатской похлебки запрещалось употреблять шафран и имбирь.

Кроме того, катамаранцы чувствовали себя как-то спокойнее около гиганта-словно стояли на якоре у "скачать игры казаки стратегии" берегов настоящего острова.

В немногих словах он разъяснил фельдкурату, как жестоко тот ошибается, думая, что его облили.

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